Just Reboot It!

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Just Reboot It!

 Today there are so many reboots it’s hard to remember when they didn’t exist. When exactly was the first reboot and why are there so many right now?  First we need to dig deep and discover what show was so popular that producers somewhere in some studio pitched the idea of just remaking a show that used to get high ratings. Now there are plenty of shows that have been on for many decades. Law & Order has been on since the early 90s and has since had countless spin-offs. But we are not focusing on spin-offs today. Nope. Instead we are discussing the reboot after reboot after another frickin’ reboot.

The latest reboot that I have heard of, and definitely not seen yet, is Saved By The Bell. You may have heard that Screech recently died. It was a little weird seeing the news cover the loss of a childhood actor from a show that I watched religiously when I was a teenager. Especially since he wasn’t very popular anymore. In fact, the actor who played one of the O.G. nerds of the 90s, Dustin Diamond, and I am not forgetting Urkle, was only in the news if he was arrested for drugs or maybe appeared on a reality show. I have seen every episode of the original Saved By The Bell. I even saw most of the college years. Then they came out with a Saved By The Bell : The New Class and kept the principal Mr. Belding in the show. It was kind of sad but I’m sure he was happy to keep working.

The reboot was announced in 2020 and is available on NBC’s new streaming platform Peacock. They have kept a couple characters around from the original cast like Jessie Spano, who is played by Elizabeth Berkley, who starred in Showgirls, and also A.C. Slater who was played by the Access Hollywood or Extra guy Mario Lopez. Before hearing about this reboot, you may be aware of other popular shows that are back from the 90s and back on your tv. They brought back Beverly Hills 90210 and also Melrose Place. Then they brought back Dynasty and they even brought back Gilmore Girls. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget one of the bigger named shows back from the 90s - Full House. I have to admit that I only saw just the first episode of Season 1 from Fuller House. It felt weird watching it again after all these years and the show was, and is, absolutely terrible. It is crazy to think somebody thought that was a good idea. I feel like writers are just lazy these days and instead of coming up with unique ideas, they just watch shows popular a few decades ago and figure, well why not just reboot it! No sir. No ma'am. I would say enough is enough. No more reboots please unless it is the OA. Please Netflix, bring OA back!!

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  • smarty

    Totally agree! stop the reboots and bring back OA!!!

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